Condar 25 Cell 6" x 2" Round Canned Catalytic Combustor (CC-001)

Part number: CC-001
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
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Warranty Period:
5 Years
Condar 25 Cell 6" x 2" Round Canned Catalytic Combustor (CC-001)

6 x 2 round, 25-Cell Catalytic Combustor with a metal band for various manufacturers and models of catalytic woodstoves. This Combustor comes pre-wrapped with premium CatGard and gasketing. Will fit the following woodstoves:

  • American Eagle Phase II
  • American Road (All)
  • Brunco Blazer
  • Carolina Stove Challenger II
  • Chippewa Welding EK 145C
  • Chippewa Welding EK 185C
  • Colorado (All)
  • Concorde (All)
  • Dovre (All)
  • Earth Stove (Pioneer) 1000C
  • Efel Symphony
  • England Stove 22 PIC 89+, 24 FC (89+), 24IC, 28CC (89+), 28IC (89+), 28JC (89+)
  • Evica (All)
  • Franklin Cast (Scandia) 2000, (Scandia) Concorde
  • Hart Fireplace (All)
  • Hearthmate C & D Distr. (All)
  • Hearthstone (NHC) I, II (85-88)
  • Horstman Industries 8324 Royal
  • Oak Ridge (All)
  • Panda Stoves (All)
  • RiteWay Unicom Retro
  • Royal Scot (All)
  • Rupp # 2 Stove
  • Sears (All)
  • Shenandoah (All)
  • Sierra 7000 early
  • Sweet Home (1989 +)
  • Sweet Home AKI 18 (Pre 89)
  • Timberline (All)
  • Travis Industry Early Lopi
  • US Stove Wonderwood Series
  • Versa Grid Stovemount
  • Woodstock Soapstone Palladian (pre 1990)

    Vermont Castings Models:
  • Small Dutchwest 2460
  • Large Dutchwest 2461
  • Small Convection Dutchwest 2181 1990 - 1993
  • Large Convection Dutchwest 2183 1990 - 1993
  • Small Convection 224CCL 1988 - 1989
  • Large Convection 264CCL & 264CCLR
  • Federal Models made after 1990
  • Extra Large Convection Dutchwest 2184 1990 - 1993
  • Extra Large Convection 288CCL 1988-1989
  • Sequoia 2160

Manufactured by Condar in the U.S.A.
ACI part number ACI-2C

Condar combustors are guaranteed to contain sufficient catalytic precious metals (platinum and/or palladium) formulated and properly applied to conform to requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for certified wood-burning products, and when installed in USA are warranted for structural integrity for five years or 12,000 hours burn-time, whichever comes first, when correctly installed and maintained. Failure due to incorrect use, including with fuels other than dry natural wood, is excluded.

Remedies Under this Warranty

Condar Company will replace a defective combustor, free of charge, for the first 90 days following the date of original purchase. After the first 90 days, replacement will be at the following discount:

  • Year 1 - 50% rate
  • Year 2 - 40% rate
  • Year 3 - 30% rate
  • Year 4 - 20% rate
  • Year 5 - 10% rate

  • What that means to you is if you purchased a $100 combustor and it failed in year 3 you would pay $70 for a replacement while the other portion would be covered by the warranty.
    Please contact Condar Company to file a warranty at 1-828-894-8383, or, they handle all warranties on their products directly.
    Failure to send warranty card into manufacturer will result in manufacturer denying all warranty claims.


    • 5
      New combustor

      Posted by JP DiMegs on Jan 29th 2017

      Wood stove working like new again.

    • 5
      Condar 25 Cell 6" x 2" Round Canned Catalytic Comb

      Posted by Martin Zeigler on Dec 19th 2016

      Works great and fits perfectly

    • 5
      Catalytic Combuster

      Posted by Bob DuPont on Dec 14th 2016

      The part was shipped on time and was received on time as promised.

    • 5
      service and shipment

      Posted by Tony Miklusicak on Nov 7th 2016

      We have no complaints at all with the delivery or service we received. I think I found a couple of other places that may have had this particular part cheaper. But, the one we would have had to wait for 2-3 weeks for it. As they do not keep it in stock. So that is why they lost the sale. The other place, we had already received our item.

    • 5
      Stove Rebuild Project

      Posted by James Sprowl on Feb 17th 2016

      Exactly what I ordered.

    • 5
      Dutchwest Federal Catalytic Combustor

      Posted by Harold Buzzell on Dec 19th 2015

      Extremely pleased with the product and service provided by Mt. View. The combustors fit perfectly; one in a large and the other in a small Dutchwest Federal Stove. What a difference it makes in the burning process. The stove is 13 years old and works as good as new with the new combustor. Will definitely recommend this company to friends and relatives who also are in need of replacing the combustor in their stove.

    • 4
      Condar 6" combuster

      Posted by anonymous on Jan 20th 2015

      My dutctchwest stove needed a replacement combustor, and after comparing the vermont casting and condar, I choose the condar. The condar comes with the gasket and shipped right away. So far so good.

    • 5
      dutchwest 2461

      Posted by anonymous on Sep 13th 2014

      It is just throwing out the heat

    • 5
      Order of Catalytic Combustor

      Posted by anonymous on Mar 3rd 2014

      I was very happy with my order. I visited several websites, but Mountain views website was extremely easy to understand and navigate. The product came alot sooner than I thought. Would definitely use them again. My stove works like new again.